January 16, 2009

Almost a year...

Wow! Almost a year later and DD has changed so much. Still a lil miss paleface just like her Daddy, dark blond hair like her Daddy but gorgeous lovely big smile and glowing skin like her Mommy (thank God for that!). And boyoboy have we learnt a lot - all of us little one included.

She's been on four long distance car journeys before she was 9 months. She's been on two longhaul flights! She's been toted around madmad Central London and the madmadmad Underground on weekends in a Baby Bjorn! And she's been an adorable sweetie about it all. Well, apart from the occasional screaming-blue-murder-tantrum where she thrashes about on the floor her pretty face squeezed into a howl...

Anyway, thousands of nappies later (gosh! was it just the other day I swore I'd never be able to change one), successfully breastfeeding, ongoing weaning and innumerable multi-handed ambidextrous multi-tasking days later, I am ready to share with you all that I've learnt (which you're welcome to correct, contradict and chastise me for).

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