May 15, 2010

Yes, this Daddy does know best

And this is the original article which led to the whole pro and against Gina Ford method debate incited by Clegg (see previous post):
 Daddy Knows Best
I felt physically sick reading some of the advice in Gina Ford's book. Controlled crying? Controlled? To me, hearing my baby crying at night, nothing felt better than to holding my little one clasped to my chest, rocking or singing or feeding her until we were both calm again. It wasn't always feeding she needed, sometimes she just wanted to know Mummy was there. It had nothing to do with schedules or hunger. No one had failed. Least of all my precious little darling. She wanted Mummy, and here Mummy was. In our case, it was always Mummy (Daddy had to get up early to go to work, was stressed out by new startup, whatever). So, Clegg's sons are very lucky, as is their Mom, to have such a committed father.

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