June 14, 2010

Playdoh Fiend

I was going to say Playdoh Fan but then "fiend" is probably a lot more accurate. There was a time when the first thing she'd say on waking up and coming downstairs to play was "Playdooo! Playdooo!" and there was no peace until she was provided with that day's supply. Oh yes, we were getting through bucketfuls of the stuff. Don't ask.

So, here we are with a brand new Playdoh Fun Factory, and boy you are lucky you're just reading this blog and are spared the piercing shrieks of delight that ensued at its appearance.

This particular version of the all-time favourite has proved to be quite a life-saver. For Mum too. Will write more, gotta go now, DD is tormenting me :D.
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