September 14, 2014

A more organised school year

If your DC's schools are anything like mine, you get a ton of diary events thrown at you via newsletters, emails and tiny printed notices until its impossible to keep track of it all! So yes, I gave in and made one of those Post-it Note school year calendars. And I love it!

I knew I was going to use these small square "full adhesive" post-its so I needed a paper big enough for 5 x 5 squares to fit in. Its only going to be for school days so I haven't put Sunday/Saturday in there.

I don't have a printer that could print a A3 size template so I drew one with black pen on a large sheet of cartridge paper. I gave the lines a slight squiggle to make it look like photocopy or stamped effect.
Leaving blank the days that have passed, I wrote (as neatly as I could) the dates at one corner and finally the month on a larger piece of Post-it.

Not bad for a hurried job? You could use a pristine sheet of paper unlike mine (with a fold across the middle).

I will post a printable template for A4 paper (you'll need 2 x A4 sheets glued together)


  1. Post-it Super Sticky 50.8mm x 50.8mm Full Adhesive Notes Pad
  2. Post-it Index Ruler Set includes Index Arrows
  3. Sharpie Twin Tip Marker - Black
  4. Cartridge Paper - Card - A3 - 220gsm

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