January 3, 2008

Mom-to-be Freebies

Two days after the +ve HPT, went to see my GP. Not expecting him to do anything much (having the previous day been told by the Nurse-practitioner that she couldn't do anything "more" to confirm the pregnancy). But he was lovely, quite a bit pleased, recalled we'd been trying (well, not for that long). He repeated what the Nurse said, that the NHS accepts HPTs to be accurate, that false positives are extremely rare.

He agreed I should stop all meds, including Aspirin. Prescribed more Folic Acid, which I was already on (a humongous dose as prescribed by the Ob-Gyn I consulted in India) and to take whichever dose was higher. He filled in a few forms for me. One for free meds during pregnancy. One to book me in for the birth and antenatal visits at what is probably the UK's top 3 teaching hospitals' maternity wing. I was really pleased we're in its catchment area. He gave me a free booklet Emma's Diary (which got me excited, little did I know it was the first of many free booklets) with freebie coupons and fun things to read.

As I left the Gp's, I called DH, he was pleased that we could take it as confirmed now. Called mom and told her doc had confirmed it.

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