January 2, 2008

Positively Pregnant

Back in May 2007 when we found out... before the realisation of the things to come kicked in...

A few days after usually clockwork efficient period had been delayed. Had been feeling very tired lately. Expecting the worst i.e. any reason other than this for missed period. Was looking up all sorts of horrible conditions on WebMD. Confessed fears to DH, he said to wait, not to buy pregnancy test as yet, since I'd just wind myself up, set up for huge disappointment etc. Just like a bloke, eh? So while I was out to post stuff, obviously I had to go and get one, no make that two, of the most expensive HPTs. Had to know, because if it wasn't the obvious, it was some horrible condition.

The very next morning, took pregnancy test at 6AM since you're advised to test first pee. Couldn't believe the cross forming in the results window. Shook it, stared hard, blinked, looked again. Didn't have to wake up DH - I ran in and bounced on the bed so hard, he kinda looked up all bleary-eyed. One look at my face and the classic ad-world pose, HPT stick in hand, and he went "You're joking!". Then we squealed and hugged for what seemed a long time.

From that very day, stopped taking all unnecessary medicines, Aspartame (sweetener) and stopped drinking more than one coffee. This last bit has been the toughest of all for a dedicated caffeine-fiend. How much do I love my baby huh?

DH said it was hard resisting the urge to tell everyone. We had agreed to wait till Week 12 as advised by pregnancy pundits everwhere. But we both decided it was ok to tell Ma cos she'd been having such a terrible time lately. She needed one bit of good news. Telling her was fun, making her and dad very happy.

Spent the rest of the day reading about first trimester pregnancy and the accuracy of HPTs. Managed to freak self out with all the talk about "false positives" and so on. My HPT result was unmistakable, as clear as a laser printout, I could have no doubt. However, if you've had a vague result, and you're not quite sure, it's worth checking out this mine of information on different HPTs and their prediction stats.

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