January 1, 2008


I'm starting this blog about halfway through the ninth month. I figured that, since I'm no longer able to think, read or talk about any topic other than babies, birth, parenting or hospital labour wards, I need a place to articulate my own thoughts on the same.
No doubt, in about a month's time, all bets will be off and you'll see the start of an ongoing first-time-mom diary, albeit with a multicultural twist. Alright, that word. I've co-opted multicultural, even though I can never agree with any of the definitions on offer. Well, I'm not monocultural and, let's see, I'm opposed to any normative cultural homogeneity by acculturation. Though I'm in favour of diffuse assimilation. Basically, what this alphabet soup of isms vaguely boils down to is this:
I'm a non-white, foreign-born mom-to-be in a big city married to a "native" (white) man and I speak several languages, celebrate a variety of cultural festivals and try to live a secular, tolerant life. And our baby will enjoy the best of both our cultures and others besides.

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