January 3, 2008

Mystery Pain

This was back in May 2007, at the begining of the pregnancy.
Woke at about 3AM to go to the Loo. "Thus begins the famous frequency of pregnancy", I thought, as I stumbled across the landing. I was also feeling quite bloated, wondering if it was acidity or just another pregnancy-related discomfort. But there was really no other symptom. Suddenly, I felt this excruciating pain in my left abdomen, just above pelvic bone. Face went clammy, vision went funny.

Feeling light-headed, I staggered to the sink and splashed face with cold water. Dropped down onto toilet seat for somewhere to sit. Sat gasping in pain, feeling about to faint for some time. It passed in a few minutes. Staggered back to bed, DH was fast asleep. Feeling drained, I nodded off pretty fast myself.

Next morning I obsessed about the pain. Thinking the worst. What if it was Ectopic Pregnancy? Called to see our GP. He said it was probably a UTI. But I hadn't any other signs of it. I hadn't had any bleeding, and it wasn't hurting anymore, so I tried to forget about it. Though I looked up all the signs of ectopic pregnancy, to be sure. In particular, I was looking out for the shoulder tip pain. All has been fine, for these 9 months, until last week.

In hindsight, I wonder if it was an early warning sign for the nephritis I would suffer 8 months later.

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